Holiday Movies and Reminiscing

               I was watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”—the one with Jim Carey.   There’s a part at the beginning of it where the father of Cindy Loo Who is doing some Christmas shopping and an alarm starts flashing and he is congratulated for maxing out his credit cards.  Could you imagine being congratulated on that?  I know that a few years ago, I would have been being congratulated all the time—and then had the weird thought of: would I have gotten a prize after so many maxed out cards?  I felt a little ashamed at that thought, but laughed it off.  I figured if I could have that thought, it meant I obviously wasn’t hiding from it anymore.  I did have several maxed out cards—but I’ve learned from that mistake and plan to never have that happen again.  

               I thought about it and remembered so many times when I would call the numbers on the back to make sure how much money I had on a single card.   And would often find myself telling the clerk, “here, put some here and some here and the last on this card.” It does embarrass me to think about that but I also find it…to be helpful.  Do I ever want to be in that situation again? No absolutely not.  Just last week, I accidentally gave my debit card over to the cashier and was in shock when she said it was declined.  What had happened was that it was my Wal-Mart loadable card but just not the current one—I had forgotten to throw it out after I got the new one.  But it did flash me back to that time in my life where those kinds of things happened frequently.   And it reaffirmed my decision to get out of debt and back on track with my life.  Is it hard? Yes, it is.  But I find it to be hard in a way like going to the gym or stopping biting my nails (a horrible icky habit I know)—it is difficult at first, easy to fall off the wagon so to speak but once you keep at it, it starts becoming second nature.   I enjoy going to the gym (okay maybe not but I like the feeling I get for losing weight and being healthy) and have always hated biting my nails.  I enjoy having money saved and I really enjoy being able to start paying off my debts. 

Do you ever look back on your previous ways and laugh? 


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