Budget news

                  So apparently when doing the budget for next pay period, I forgot to include groceries.  It was kind of weird.  There was a blank spot for the category but no money planned or anything like that.   Glad I caught that! Okay, in all honesty, it wouldn’t matter.  We need to eat so things would have gotten moved around anyways.  But I still feel silly.

                And then I read, “What speed are your lady bits? (And other search oddities)”.  Andrea is an amazing writer and you should go check it out—it made me laugh.  Since I was reading it at work, it made it even funnier.   I really want to do the search, but like her, I’m afraid that it is going to just bring up porn.  I’m going to save that search for when I get internet at home, that way porn isn’t coming up at work.

                Then I had to get serious and fix the budget, and also find out where I went over this week’s budget.  I went over by $150 when I had to buy some house stuff at Wal-Mart.  Apparently little things add up a whole lot.  The good news is that we have finally gotten rid of the smell that was horrible.  My cat did not want to go into this area at all—it really smelled like the people before us had a small little dog that they let go potty in that room (and over a heating vent too—imagine the horrible smell when the heat kicked on? Okay, don’t really because it was gross).   But it’s gone.  Rejoicing commenced over this fact.   Why am I telling you this? Because most of the $150 we spent on house stuff, was cleaning and odor fighting supplies.  Other than that, I have surprisingly stayed in budget.   Probably won’t be able to save a lot—this is the one period, where I didn’t put our savings aside first. Mostly because I knew that it was going to be rough. Next pay period, we are not going to be able to save a lot either.  But starting in January we should be able to put a bit more than $25 every two weeks.  That’s horrendous in my eyes—but I have to remember that we may get extra and that is our e-fund savings.  We are still going to be saving to pay debt and a few other things.   I’ll still be more happy when our e-fund gets to at least $1000—it will only take us *FOREVER*.  Okay maybe not quite that drastic but still.

                Do you pay yourself first? Or budget off of what you have to pay out and then figure out what possible savings you can have? Or, as a third option, do you just pay off your bills/expenses, and save the left over before you get paid again?   Eventually I’ll be doing the first, but for now we use the second option—and then whatever money is left over from our categories, gets divvied into savings and debt payment.


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