Over budget :(

Ugh, I’m sick of moving.  It costs a lot.  But we think that we are mostly good for the next week and a half.  Basically right up until payday—then we will buy one or two things that we would really like to have but are not essential.  I did go over our budget it a few categories.  Something I’m not happy with but I’m trying to deal with it.  We’d been doing so well but this move knocked us back a bit.  It also had us reorganize our priorities/funds that we are going to be saving.

We are definitely having the car fund get swapped over to a washer/dryer fund.  We have the $130 so far in it, and haven’t added the money from this pay period as of yet.   Actually, he gets paid today so we’ll probably go and start divvying the money out to the different funds today.   And instead of the $500 fund we are going to be doing my bank fund. I’m excited by this.   I’m not sure what bank I want as of yet but I’ll do some research a little closer to the time.   I’m starting to put some goals together for the upcoming year.  I’d really like to get 3 other debts paid off by this time next year (not including my bank fund).  I know that will be a bit dependent on a few things.  But I’m also sure that if we work hard at it, we can do it. 

I’m going to post what our budget was and what we went over by or under by in the next few days.  Hopefully this will keep me on track with everything.


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