Weekend Goings On

                Sorry for the no posts over the weekend! I was going to do it—honestly, I was.  But on Saturday I went to the new house, thinking I would give it a quick clean and move some stuff over, get it set up.  Well, I’d noticed a funky smell on Friday—it was back with a vengeance.  I spent 6 ½ hours cleaning.    The walls were gross, the floors, the icky smell, the windows, the cabinets—you get the picture. Granted it wasn’t filthy but it wasn’t up to my standards. I spent $20 on cleaning supplies–$11 from Wal-Mart and $9 from the Dollar Store.  I didn’t move anything over besides some cleaning supplies and one box that I had grabbed.   I went home that day and meant to write a post—instead I fell asleep in the bathtub.  Luckily I woke up when my head went under water.   The next day we packed and moved everything.  We had to rent a truck to move—they are holding some excess money but most of it should get refunded to us.   So now we are all moved in—sort of.  All our stuff is there and some of it is unpacked but we are still working on setting things up of course.  We kind of did some shopping yesterday—we did two Wal-Mart runs back to back.  Some more cleaning supplies and other household items, then we did some of our grocery shopping.  Definitely still need to do some shopping in both categories.

                We decided to look at buying a used washer and dryer—it will save us money and time in the long run.   We are going to take the money we had set aside for the car and move it over to that fund for now.   As for the $500 fund, we are using all of that for food and household stuff.  Most likely not all of it but we do want to restart our emergency fund. That was wiped out with deposits and payments for house stuff. But the good news is we have water, we have trash service, and the electricity and gas are in our name.  Also, we won’t have to pay for trash until March which is pleasant.  After that I think it is $40 for two months or something like that.  We priced out internet and it might be doable in the next couple of weeks. I might redo our December goals later on.   I haven’t decided.  

                I’m interested in getting our e-fund going again.  It felt so nice to have some cushion against everything.  Now it is wiped out—but it was for a good cause so I can’t really complain.   Well I could but it would be pointless.   What we are planning on doing is making a plan on what household items we want and pricing them out.  From now on our savings would go as such: ½ to emergency fund and ½ for whatever household item we would like.  This would still include debt savings and paying off.  That is higher than our household item fund as we both really want to be aggressive about paying off our debt and changing our life around for the better.   I actually need to go over our budget again and look to see what is going to be going on with some of our money and stuff. 

                How was your weekend? Any big news or goings on?


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