Officially ours!

                That’s right we decided to take the house.  A little early but we’re happy.  We weren’t able to get the pet deposit waived (I think it is a bit high—but it’s better than them saying that we can’t have our little guy) but we were able to split it into 3 payments.  We already paid them 1/3 of it today ($197 was broke into $60, $60, and $77) and will have it done by February 1st.

                As of right now, it’s looking like we are going to be fine with the deposits for the utilities.  They might just get added to the bill if we have them at all—apparently only the water company said they would have to have a deposit and it looks like they may just add it to the bill.  What I am planning on doing, is keeping some money for the utilities so that way the first bill or two isn’t a huge shocker—basically just keeping the money set aside and not using it.

                The only bad thing about this move is that apparently it’s my guy’s busiest weekend at work—and he’s stressed about that and is getting snippy.  I try to ignore it as much as possible but he annoys me sometimes.   That’s all I’m going to say on that topic. 

                There may be a few changes to the monthly goals—we talked about them last night and aren’t sure if some of the funds will continue to be funded for right now or if we are going to rename some of them and use them for something else.   We should be able to decide this after this weekend—this reminds me.  I have normally been trying to post at least one time during the weekend—this might not occur as we may not have internet for a while.  We’re going to look at some prices after everything is said and done but for now are on the fence about it.   (Unless I am able to write a post and just schedule it to post over the weekend—which is very possible)

                So our weekend goals are to: pack and move everything.  And clean the house before moving in—it still has that stale air scent.  What are your weekend goals?


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