December Goals and Updated House Info!

    These are our goals if we do not take the apartment.

1)      To drop to 155—that’s five pounds. What with Christmas happening and everything, I figure to play on the safe side.  (Ideally, I’d like to be at 150 by the end of January)

2)      To finish Christmas shopping by the weekend of the 16th—that is our last pay period before Christmas.

3)      $500 fund : to have $350 (Currently at $170)

4)      Car fund: to have $250 (Currently at $130)

5)      Medical fund:  to have $100 (currently at $60)

6)      Bank fund: $50 (Currently have $5)

7)      Find an apartment—obviously we would still need to do this.

              The $500 fund is the one that has the highest chance of not happening.  Apparently, he thinks its okay to just take $40 from it as he wants to use it as more Christmas money.  This is frustrating me beyond belief.  He is making it rather hard to stick to a budget.  I’m trying to be nice and understanding but I finally told him today that I think this is a horrible idea.   He’ll probably get his way because it isn’t an important fund but he’ll have to wait until I know whether or not we will need it for our potential house.

         These are our goals if we do take the apartment:

1)      Drop 5 pounds—still the same.

2)      Christmas shopping completion should still be done by weekend of the 16th

3)      To buy silverware and a few other house essentials that we need

4)      Car fund: $200—still an important part of our budget but we would probably need a bit more for gas money

5)      Medical fund:  $100: would need to have this done as my appointment is now in first half of January.

6)      Bank Fund: $35—yes it is important but so is groceries—it wasn’t scheduled to start until the end of December as it was.

7)      $500 fund—restart if need or get up to $200.

                      As I was writing this up, we received the green light on the apartment.   So we are doing one more walk through tonight and potentially set up the contract.  While there we plan to discuss maybe doing the deposit in parts—either one of them.  While we could do both, it would help us more out financially if we could just split it up.   I’m kind of excited! I am not going to lie.  Hopefully everything is good to go and we can start moving this weekend…oh wow. Start moving this weekend.  I’ll update everyone tomorrow!


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