House Viewing

                So the post I was originally going to have today was going to be talking about my December goals.  I know you guys were really looking forward to hearing them.  Well, that’s probably going to be tomorrows post now.   Instead, I’m going to talk about the house viewing we had.  (This one will be a bit long, sorry!)


                                It’s in need of some TLC.  The owners are currently fixing a few problem areas—broken windows, heater and a few minor things.  They said it should be done by the first (I kind of doubt this as tomorrow is the 1st but then again, it could happen I guess) but if not, they would prorate the rent for us.  We would also want to double-check and clean it again before moving in—it had the scent of being worked on and stale air.  It has 2 bedrooms ( a bit tiny but not bad for us), a living room (smaller than we are used to but again workable), decent kitchen and bathroom and a laundry room.  There is a tiny backyard and we would be able to plant flowers in the spring. 

                Rent/Deposit/Pet Deposit

                                It would be $395 for both rent and the deposit.  The pet deposit is $200 and is non-refundable.  I’m not a fan of the non-refundable aspect.  So total they are looking to get $990 from us in a matter of one day (if we are able to move in by the first). 

                Our first thoughts

                                We liked it but aren’t sure of a few things.  The hugest being that huge non-refundable pet deposit.   We understand it the pet deposit but the non refundable aspect of it is strange.  I think it is for carpet cleaning—which I’ve always been responsible for in other apartments. So something we want to ask is if we clean the carpets on moving out, is it still non-refundable?  Also, if we could potentially work off part of the deposit (painting, etc) or pay the pet deposit in payments.  We need to also pay deposits for utilities—some will let you pay off during the month but others we might have to pay up front.   We are hopefully going to check on that today—if I have the time I will or he might.  

                                I’ve done up a budget to see how it works potentially.  It should be okay—it wouldn’t be the greatest but we could make it work.  So we made 4 lists—pros to moving now, cons to moving now, pros to moving later and cons to moving later.

Pros to moving now Cons to moving now Pros to  moving later Cons to moving later
More space Have less $ then want More money May get new car sooner
Closer to town Will wipe out our savings Will have stuff want/need Moving in snow
Less stress on car Don’t have all our house stuff we want/need May get new car sooner Less space now/longer commute
Not moving in snow Have to wait on new car Better opportunity might come along Miss this opportunity or get worse one


                Few things about the pros and cons: first, the snow isn’t that big a deal I guess.  Last year was my first winter here and apparently, the fact that there was snow on the ground in February was a bit weird.  But it’s on the list as we don’t know how the weather will actually be in a few months—but we know how it is now.  We won’t be able to afford both a house, a car payment (even as low as want it to be), and higher insurance for the car—this is why it is both a plus and a minus.  Yes we might have to wait longer, but if we live in town our car will be less stressed and will last longer (most likely).  If we wait, we might get one sooner—but this could be a negative depending on how quick we are able to get it paid down.  Or if we have to use our house fund to help put the down deposit on one, we might not be able to recoup that loss as quick as we want or plan to.   Also, we know that it will wipe our savings whether we move now or later—but if we move now, it is wiped out completely and we won’t really be able to buy a few extras that we would like.  If we move later, we are planning to slowly buy some stuff we would like out of the misc money and our house fund would still have a bit of  money in it to help with this and to start our emergency fund.  We do have the money being put into the $500 fund as it is not terribly important—just something I wanted to get done and out-of-the-way.

                The potential landlord seemed happy with us and really seems to be looking forward to hearing from us.

                What we decided

                                To turn in application and if they contact us, we will want to do another walk through to see how it got fixed up—and if it hasn’t been fixed up by tomorrow what date would it be fixed by? We also want to check out the plumbing. We would also want to talk about the pet deposit—can it be paid in payments, what if we sign to clean carpets?

                 Any advice for us? What would you do?


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