Good and Iffy News

    First the iffy: 

           This pay period is the first time in awhile that we aren’t having “extra money” at the end of it.  Normally we have $40-60.  This time we have $10–$5 of which I already put in the envelope for my bank repayment fund.  So $5 extra and this money will have one of three homes: Christmas fund, car fund, or house fund.  I’m leaning towards the car fund as we are doing pretty good with the house fund (we’re ahead of schedule so yay us!) and …well… it’s not that I don’t care about the Christmas fund, but I’m pretty sure that it is set.  I’ll talk it over with the guy but I’m thinking he’ll be leaning towards that as well.  Or we might just have to throw it into the gas tank—not literally but you already knew that.  We drove a bit more than normal this past two weeks but we still have $12 left in our gas envelope so I think it should be fine.

       Then the good:

           Speaking of our house fund, we are going to check out an apartment today after work.  If it works, we might be moving out a bit earlier than expected.   It’s $395 a month and I’ve done some preliminary number crunching.  We should be okay to move a bit earlier as December and January are 3 month pay period (December for me and January for him).  It might be that we only get internet at first (or we don’t get anything for a month) but we are only looking today.  We both agreed that it has to be right for us.  Its a few months earlier than expected so we aren’t going to be super grabby but we are also not going to be super picky.  There are a few reasons why we are looking even though it is so early.

 A) You never know if a “perfect” place is out there if you aren’t looking

 B) Our car—being closer to work would help alleviate the stress on our car

 C) There is a personal reason I cannot go into as it is not mine and I don’t feel right discussing it without permission

D) Not having to move in snowy weather/no more storage fee

        Tomorrow, I’ll let everyone know how it turned out.  Wish me luck!

         See I like that I didn’t really have bad news.  I already knew that the extra money we sometimes get isn’t to be relied on.  There’s a reason it’s not being marked down as savings money right off the back .


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