Weekend Accomplishments

               We did go shopping on Friday and didn’t find a whole lot.  I managed to pick up one of his little gifts—he’s a huge Star Wars fan so I picked up the Darth Vader coffee cup that has some kind of candy in it.  He expressed a big interest in this so I bought it now and hid it.  I think the store clerk thought I was a bit nuts—I kept looking over my shoulder and was trying to hurry everything along as quick as I could.  I hate shopping with him.  Thankfully, I won’t have to do that much—I’m going to add some money to my card this upcoming pay period just for his gifts–than I can do it all online.  And just have to hope he doesn’t see the mail before I do–I think I’ll get some help with this from his parents.

                We also did manage to get a pretty nifty White Elephant gift.  We were going to do it next week but saw it and just used our Christmas fund to get it.  (It is for Christmas)  It’s a nifty comforter set and it could be used either in winter or summer—it’s got that perfect mid range factor of heavy and light.  We put it in a room that is far away from us so that he doesn’t get antsy and try to convince me to use it—because than we would not be participating in the White Elephant and I know he wants to do that.   Depending on his hours, we might be picking up silverware for our future house this upcoming pay check.  This can double as a secondary White Elephant in the event that I feel like participating—but I’m leaning more to the side of putting it straight into storage.

                Other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot.  I was going to send my budget to me so I can work on it and my December goals but I failed.  So I’m going to take a look at it today.  Is it sad that I’m also really looking forward to January for a few things? A) one month closer to when we move and B) I really get to start extreme saving to pay off debt.   We are still saving—but it’s at such a lesser amount then what I really want to save.  Of course, when we move the first few months will be iffy—need to find out how much for groceries, rent, and utilities again.  The grocery thing I’m not too worried about—just the first couple times when we have to buy everything all over again.  This is why I’m trying to save so much “extra”—so that we aren’t “shocked” or lacking funds.  Am I a worry wart? Probably…most likely…okay, okay.  I am a worry wart.  But I figure that is okay—I try to see all of the possibilities and possible scenarios.  Sometimes I do drive myself and my guy a little crazy, I’ll admit it.  

                Okay, enough about me—how’d your weekend go? Spendy or thrifty? Have you started on your December goals yet? Also, sorry this is a bit rambley today.  I’m in a rambley mood I guess.


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