Black Friday

                  I hope that your Thanksgiving went well! Ours was really great—our dinner ended up being at 10 am as we wanted to eat when the turkey was fresh and hot (deep-fried turkey is the yum).  This was actually a really good decision—he got to watch his football games without it interrupting our meal and clean up and we got to eat Thanksgiving dinner two times in one day.  We definitely could have spent a little less money on our meal—we had plenty of left over’s.  But we weren’t sure if another person or two were going to be joining us so we thought it better to be prepared.   Oh and you remember that “less than $25” that I wanted to spend the other day? Well it turned out to be $28—I was so hungry when we shopping that I picked up more than I wanted to.   

                   We are currently kicking around taking some money from the $500 fund—I really don’t want to but I also know that it’s not a very important fund.  But I defiantly don’t want to do what he wants to do and use it for Christmas.  What is the point of a Christmas budget if you can’t keep to it? Granted I might go over on mine—but I am going to be using my personal money to pay the difference.  And I’m going to try to not go over it.

                  In other news, I have started that bank fund—I put a whopping $5 in it. Woo.  But I know that will help in the long run.  (The very long run)

                 Today has gone by soooooo slowly—my work was so dead.  We are going to try to do some shopping today—which I’m ambivalent about.  I figure it is a really good thing for me to be there as I can be the voice of reason and frugality.  That is probably the main reason I’m going.   I really am not a huge fan of shopping in the first place—I don’t mind it on occasion but I always find myself wandering around aimlessly, not really buying anything as I’m “cheap”.   This to me is a huge waste of time. I also don’t really like shopping right now as I’m highly concerned with the massive debt we have (mostly me).   But he noticed that some of the bed sets are really, really cheap—so we may go do our White Elephant shopping and if things go well, we may be able to get 1 thing extra. 

                    Did you go Black Friday shopping? If you did, did you have a budget you stuck to? Or did you stay at home or at work? 


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