Excitedly Nervous!

         So I’m still thinking about my December goals—after all I still have about 10 days.  So I started thinking about my 2012 goals—makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  Okay maybe not….but it could! And then I started looking at our budget for the next few pay periods and realized:  We only have a few more weeks (okay it’s like 2 months and 10 days but still!) until we get our own little apartment.  So excited! And nervous—obviously we don’t want to just take anything. We’ve been looking and not really finding anything as of right now.

          We also really do need to pick up a few things—I can’t remember all of them but I know that we need a knife set and silverware.  We have glasses and plates/bowls/cups and some pans.  The pans aren’t in the best of condition but will work just fine for a bit. So what will happen is we live sparsely for a bit—but the secret plan is if we save up enough money between now and when we move is to do a bit of shopping for what we would like.   Nothing overboard—I figure we definitely get what we need first and move on from there.   I would like to keep a little in the house fund, which would be renamed as our E-fund and would be in the baby stage.  And yes, it is a secret plan.  He doesn’t read this blog so I’m not really concerned with him finding out about it.  I’m not really trying to be sneaky about it but I’d love to surprise him with a few things that we haven’t been sure on when we are going to be able to get them yet.

           On a side note, I think I will be able to put at least $5 towards the bank pay off—I know it’s not much but that will be $5 less that I have to save.   I can’t say if it is definitive as of yet—we still have another week to get through.  I know that we still have a few things to pick up at the grocery store today—we did go yesterday but failed to get breakfast items and some items for lunches.  So even though I thought we had come in well under budget, we’ll probably be breaking even with it. I don’t plan on spending more than $25—if that.    

             Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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