November’s Goals Revisited

                  We have to go shopping again tonight.  It sucks.  Mostly it’s food items—we either forgot them or when we did the grocery shopping earlier, they didn’t have them or what they had was not good (ew for wilted and brown salad items).  We need to pick up some salad fixings (which we will also have for some lunches), dessert (I have a coupon for a pie), rolls for Thanksgiving and maybe a few other things. 

                     On a plus note, gas is only $3.15.  We are going to fill up today so that we can get the cheaper price and also this will give us a bit more money for next week when we need to get some.  (We defiantly are going to go over are gas budget this period)

                     For my November goals—I’m going to give an update on those now. 

     Car goal: $125

                                Actual: $130

                Christmas Fund goal: $225

                                Actual: $295

                $500 fund goal: $180      

                                Actual: $170

                Medical: Have $60 in it. This is roughly 2/3 of what I need for wisdom teeth extraction. And I can’t do that until January so yayish!

                Even though it wasn’t an official goal: we have surpassed our house fund by $110—so that is an excellent start!

                So I made everything except for the $500 fund and I only missed that by $10—the cost of that beef jerky 😦

                I’ll come up with some new goals for December.  The Christmas fund is actually going to start to be depleted as I know my guy plans on shopping this weekend—we basically have enough to do everyone  but 1 person.  This would be helpful if I a) knew what I was getting for my guy and b) knew what I was getting for the person I’m the secret Santa for.  I have some ideas for both of them for a few smaller gifts so I’m going with that for now.  And actually, I probably won’t be doing any shopping for the secret Santa person as I’ve made some plans for that in a few weeks.   I think I’d rather get this Christmas fund done so that we can start saving for some other things.  If we do have money left over this time, it will get divvied up between the normal funds plus one other—the bank fund.  Even if I only put in a $5 dollars that will be a start and I’ll go with it. 

                How early do you do your Christmas shopping?  Is it done already and I’m lagging behind?  You still have a few more days to get your goals for November done!



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