My mini shopping splurge didn’t set us back to horrible.  At least—it isn’t looking like it.  I know that we will be able to put what we had planned into our Christmas fund, house fund and our car fund—and maybe even the $500 fund—that might take a bit of a hit but it won’t be too bad.  I highly doubt that we will have any excess money left over this week—so we really will be living a little tighter this time. 

                  Next pay check, we are going to do buy our White Elephant gift.  We both decided that we want it to be something for our future apartment.  We are thinking of a bed set for the summer/spring as the one we are using is on loan to us.  I was also thinking about a coffee pot—we don’t have one and he is really enjoying his coffee.  The limit is $50 so I think that both of these would be good ideas.  We were going through the list—we are doing pretty well.  We have a bunch of things crossed off—they will last for now and eventually we will save and replace them.   Currently we still need silverware and a knife set—we have a few butcher knives but no steak knives.   But we also have a few months yet.

                  If we do have some excess money left over this week, I’m also going to add in another savings envelope—the bank fund.  Currently I owe $370 to a bank before I can get another bank account.  I have plans to start really saving for this in December and should be able to get it paid off by March.   I’m hoping to beat this estimate.  I’m sure I can—it will take some discipline but it will be done.   This is of course if everything goes on as it is planned right now—remember, I might make a set amount, but my guy doesn’t.  He tries but is dependent on the scheduler. As soon as Christmas is done—well, actually as soon as my last pay period before Christmas is done—I have an aggressive savings plan that will be taking place.   Well, aggressive for us at least.   We might have to change our plans though as they hinge on a few items—finding a decent, cheap place to rent, and finding an affordable car.  So wish us luck that he get’s hours and I can get some OT!

                  How are your November goals coming along? 


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