Sunday Shopping

                 Ugh…few good things and a few bad.  So off of my list of things I wanted to get done in December: my hair cut and hair dyed.  I paid 35 for the cut which included the tip and spent 6 on the dye which I’ll do later tonight.  So okay, those are done.  I also bought my brother the Brsinger book–thankfully, I sold some books and only had to pay 6 for it. 

                 But then…well, it just went downhill from there.  That stuff was done out of basically my money–but we also bought our mini Christmas tree and our ornament and some cards.  We made a deal to buy an ornament each year on Christmas–this is our second one.  But ugh.  We spent about 40 altogether on Christmas stuff–and it is not even coming out of the fund.  We are going to put less into the 500 fund and into the car fund–though I will admit the 500 fund isn’t that important.  (I’ll admit I was hoping for something but it’s not happening)

              And we still need to do some light grocery shopping for out Thanksgiving dinner–we need to pick up  a pie, some salad stuff and rolls/garlic bread.  This weekend is just very spendy.  I didn’t want it to be I can’t do much about it now.   Granted, I haven’t done the savings yet–those come out of his paycheck and that is not until Tuesday.  So I’ll update  on Wednesday on how bad we did this weekend.  I don’t even want to think about our gas situation–that is horrible.  Granted on Thursday we won’t be going anywhere so that helps but still we drove around a lot more than we wanted to.

   How was your weekend?  Spendy? Savey? Or just rigggghttt?


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