Friday and Payday!

                       Guess what? It’s Friday! Really it is! Now before you ask yourself what rock I’ve been under—this entire week, I’ve been sitting here thinking it was day behind what it really was.  The work week was dragging soooooo slooooowwwww.  (The extra o’s let you know I’m for serious) But I got paid today so it’s really Friday! Woo!

                       This means I’ve looked over our budget and figured everything out.  As of right now, we are looking good to hit our November goals.   I think I set them too low—but I also have to keep in mind that we have about $80 extra then what I had originally budgeted for.   I would also like to say that we hit our goal for the amount to save by the last paycheck in November for our house fund—we actually will have surpassed it.  Not too shabby—even if we might have to “borrow” from it to help our car fund out.  That still hasn’t been decided.  We are also starting to look more and more at rentals—this will have to wait at least another month but it’s never too early to look.  We also would really like to have the car situation figured out. 

                         The extra $80 came from him having more hours at work and from my lonely little one hour of overtime.  I heart me some overtime.   Plus due to Thanksgiving, my boss handed me a $15 Wal-Mart gift card—which is super awesome as it will pay for about ½ of our Wal-Mart trip tonight.  I love free money!  That will be very helpful as we probably won’t have a ton of “leftover” money this time.  

                   Happy Friday everyone!  I will update our goals in a few days—we don’t get paid until after December after this.  Hope your goals are coming along nicely!


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