Ashamed of myself

                I was going to hide it…I really was.  But I felt that would be dishonest somehow. So here I go with my confession.  I spent $10 this week on beef jerky.  Granted I only spent $5 on myself but still.  I feel so guilty and horrible.   And yes I know it’s only $10 but still, I need and want several things that I’ve been putting off because of a lack of money. 

Here’s my list of needs:

    •  Dental Work
    •   My guy needs a vision exam and potentially new glasses and does need contacts.
    •   New car (Okay we are looking and just not finding anything that is decent and decently priced as of yet)

                My list of wants:

    •  A haircut—I’m about a month over the 6 week time frame and it’s starting to show.
    •   Hair dye—I normally just buy and do it myself. I’d like to get it professionally done some day for the experience of it.
    •   New winter coat—found out my old one is torn all up inside and the sleeves have been too short but I keep putting this off.  I wear hoodies for the most part and have an older, very stained jacket.
    •  New necklace—my old one chain broke and I miss wearing it.

                    My plan so far is do the dental work in January, get the money to do his vision stuff at some point (he has glasses and doesn’t think he needs one but I have plans for this to happen January/February) ,  and of course get the new car when we can.  As for the wants, well, I am thinking the haircut in December as well as the hair dye (I won’t dye my hair until after its cut—and maybe I won’t even dye it).  As for the winter coat, I might just wait until end of season for the sales.  The necklace really bothers me—I’m hoping I can get that in December but I was told I should wait until after Christmas.   

                  To top it all off, we really need to start buying stuff that we need for when we get our own apartment.  We still need silverware and some other odds and ends.  We’ve put together a few lists (remember I ❤ lists majorly) and have checked some things off here and there but not enough for me to feel comfortable.  I think to start holding us accountable, I will post the lists we made and just start checking it off as we go.

                The moral of my story: if I would just stop spending money on trivial items (my stomach is now yelling at me that beef jerky is NOT trivial and should be bought all the time), we’d get so much closer to getting our lists done. 

                Do you do lists and goals? How do they work for you? Do you give yourself time frames to get your goals done by? Does it work for you?


2 Comments on “Ashamed of myself”

  1. denvergoals says:

    I do lists and goals, and it works great for me! I use the EASIER method of goal achievement, and it really helps me get focused and plan for success.

    Oh, and don’t feel bad about spending $10 for beef jerky – beef jerky is good!

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