Car Woes

             So I did some “research” for cars as the guy has been asking me to.  Apparently, me saying “I need to be able to drive it (I hate being short and not knowing how to drive stick) and I don’t really want a truck” wasn’t helpful enough.   I understand but in the long term, I hate shopping for something that I’m just going to go “yeah sure that sounds great” or looking everywhere that he is looking.  So I made him give me specifics on where to look—is he looking on craigslist or can I?  Stuff like that.  So I wrote down a few cars and numbers—I was even able to point out one that I know I like the brand.  But I’m pretty sure he’s already looked at it.  He told me to “make sure it is a step up from our car” so I tried to do that.  Of course, it doesn’t help that the car I like happens to be at the high range of what we are looking at—or should I say my high range?  He said under $4k and I decided to not look for something over $3k. 

                He is right (and I can say this free and clear as he doesn’t read this blog) that I need to relax about the house fund getting depleted—we are going to put the money back from when we sell ours.  But it still makes me all nervous.  I have a goal in mind and I hate seeing the money disappear. It makes me nauseous.  Am I being silly? Yes…probably…okay I think so.   I fully accept the fact that I am a miser—I like to hoard my savings. I’m trying to overcome this but ugh….. I think what is really starting to bum me out is we are both starting to get crabby about the whole situation. 

                Sorry to keep going on about this but if we don’t get a new car soon we are going to be in a very, very bad place.  We live in the country about 30 minutes away from where we work and it’s starting to get cold out.

                Any suggestions?





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