Ugh. It’s just one of those days.  Already and it’s not even halfway over.  I started off the day looking at the scale—BIG mistake.  I gained 4.5 pounds this last week and I have no idea how.  Okay no big deal, I can just cry later. 

Then I realize that I spend $17 dollars this weekend off of my prepaid card this weekend that I wasn’t supposed to.  It was “excess” money but I really didn’t want to spend it.  I just forgot to grab the misc. cash that I normally carry and don’t feel like paying the $3 fee that I would have to spend to load the money back on—I’d actually have to load $20 as they only load in $20 increments.   So there goes that padding I was working on accumulating.    Oh and by realize– I mean “knowing that I was spending it but choosing to go forward with the purchase anyways.”   

The guy and I are actually looking forward to Thanksgiving (Ok—I’m kind of regretting the yummy food that will occur due to the 4.5 gain) as it will be him and I this year.  His parents are traveling and we haven’t heard back from friends if they want to join in our meal.  So we are trying to finalize a menu that we can both prepare and have fond memories of—and keep it within a budget.  So far we are looking pretty good.  We aren’t going to buy a huge turkey as it is just the two of us.  I’m looking for coupons for the side items and deserts.  So far so good—I found some for green beans and some for pies/whipped cream!

How was your weekend? Any regrets on purchases?


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