Overly Miserly

       I need to make sure that I don’t become overly miserly.  Who me? Yep.  I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that we are going to have to use our house/emergency fund to help with a down payment for a new car so much quicker then anticipated.  The leak is getting a lot worse.  We are able to stay in our current location until the first of March.  But we did want to be out by February.  If not sooner. 

           We are going to have to get a loan in order to afford a used car–we don’t want a car worse off then our current one but aren’t looking for a new vehicle either.   So we don’t really want a huge loan–we want low monthly payments and something we can pay off quickly.   remember, our whole point is to get out of debt.  Even if we have to use our emergency fund (if we can’t use our current one as a trade in), we are planning on selling our current car in order to replenish the emergency fund.  And we have started a fund called “car fund” so that will help ease the brunt of our taking from our e-fund.  I’m also probably not getting my teeth worked our for a few more weeks–don’t want to get in the way of yummy holiday food.  So the medical fund might get built a bit more slowly. 

              I’m just going to have to suck it  up–we will build the fund back up by selling our current car and I’ll keep putting the money into both funds until a decision is made–hey we might not even have to use our e-fund.  Or at least not as much of it.


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