Pure Niftyness

I’ve been avoiding buying a calendar for work for the longest of times—I hate spending money, have I mentioned that? Well my…um…lack of a better word—cheapness paid off! I was at the Y yesterday (yes I know, I know, I spend money on that but….) and got a free calendar! It starts in December and has pretty birds. (I’m such a girl sometimes)

                That being said, I did spend $5 dollars yesterday on some stuff.  I spent $2 on an ice scraper and then the rest was spent on my extreme cravings for cucumbers and tomatoes.  I really don’t know why but I’ve been craving those for ever now.  Now that I ate them, it’s worse.   I also feel guilty for spending that money—how weird is that?  I think because it wasn’t my personal money but rather that miscellaneous money. 

For other good reads check these out:

                4 Finance Lessons from AMCs the Walking Dead  @SoOverDebt–I loved this post—mainly because it involves money and zombies (I ❤ the zombies)

               Do You “Spend it if it’s there?” @Budgets Are Sexy– I love money and hate parting with it.I used to spend on plastic like crazy but I don’t do that anymore.  My guy can’t hold onto money really easy but has a better time with plastic. How about you?

                Too Broke to buy Christmas Presents @Frugal Dad– I loved this post—I have never understood people expecting a present.  A present should be given out of love not out of expectation.



4 Comments on “Pure Niftyness”

  1. amyleebell says:

    I saw your link to Too Broke to Buy Christmas Presents. I’m totally wanting to get away from all the consumerism. I’m thinking about just spending some quality family time together on Christmas, away from the television and internet. Perhaps some good old-fashoined board games and cookie baking will do the trick. And if there’s money to go around, I’m thinking World Vision. Too bad I already asked my son what he wanted for Christmas this year. We’re not spending a lot on him, maybe $50 bucks, but I’d like to be down to zero next year.

    • bogofdebt says:

      I’ve always loved baking for gifts–homemade cheesecake is the yum!

      • amyleebell says:

        Mmmm. My sister makes the best cheesecake. I never can quite pull it off though! I think I get too impatient waiting for the cheese to soften.

        Now you’ve ruined my weekend. I’m just absolutely not going to be happy until I get some cheesecake in me!


  2. bogofdebt says:

    I broke a hand mixer in the middle of making one a few years back–it was a bit lumpy as I couldn’t get it as smooth as the hand mixer would have. Though cheesecake sounds great, I really want more cucumbers….again…

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