(Late) Novemeber Goals

                Christmas Fund:  $225 (this will be half of what we would like to have for Christmas)

                New Car Fund:  $125 (such a poor start) 

                Medical Fund: –I can’t put this in as I’m going to immediately wipe it out 😦

                $500 “Debt”–$180 (I have just been asked to save the money, I don’t know what it’s for)


These are our side savings.  Currently we should be on track for all of them.  The medical fund kind of sucks majorly just due to the fact that I’m going to save and then spend it.  I have cavities for the first time ever, and I’m going to see if I can get my 3 remaining wisdom teeth pulled first—as they hold some of the cavities and I don’t want to pay to fix them just to have them pulled.  

                Current Stats:

                                Christmas Fund: 69% ( I highly doubt we will be hitting our $450 goal by Christmas time—but one of the gifts (White Elephant Exchange) will be done out of “misc” money I think , so that will help)

                                New Car Fund:  76%

                                Medical Fund: Well we have $50 in there…I still need another $50 for the teeth being pulled…   

                                $500 “Debt”: 75%

                Wow, those numbers look AMAZING. PSST! Some of those have been started since October—but don’t tell anyone I told you that.  Just pretend it’s amazing 😉

                We’ve been discussing not making any extra payments towards debt savings until after Christmas.  I’m not a huge fan of this—but it also depends on his hours.  He’s been trying to get at least 35 a week—if not more.  If he’s able to, well, I think I will be able to squeeze towards getting our goals updated quicker and saving to pay off my old bank.  I’m hoping that this happens!

                Do you find that having concrete goals help get you there faster?


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