I fit into my pants today!

Ok…maybe a little background is needed.  I haven’t fit in these pants for a few years.  Today I tried them on and rejoiced.  It means my hard work at the gym is paying off—as is me cutting back on my calories.  It wasn’t easy and when I was on the scale this weekend it didn’t look like I had really done anything—I weighed the same as last week.  (Are you scratching your head and wondering where on earth I’m going with this story yet?)

                What this means for my finances:

                                Yes, the hard work of not going out all the time (okay honestly this doesn’t bother me all that much—I like to spend time at home and prefer social settings where I don’t have to spend a lot of money), of budgeting like crazy, not having this or that—it’s paying off.  It might not be wildly noticeable but it is working.   We have one debt paid off and will be starting on the next one. 

                I’ve also learned another important fact due to my weight loss journey:

                                Sometimes it is okay to splurge! Seriously, you want that piece of cake? That’s okay.  Sure, go ahead and eat it—don’t worry about later.  IF you are doing everything “right”, it will take care of itself.  Huh? Explain that please! If you see something that you really, really want and have been budgeting, saving, and paying off debt: it is OKAY to splurge once in a while.  I’m being a hundred percent serious.  For example, the movie you’ve been dying to see is coming out next week but you forgot to budget it in, already went on your date, etc but find you have budgeted so well that you have a little extra cash? Yes, normally you would throw it at debt or savings but I’m saying to go ahead and go to that movie (or whatever).  You don’t do it all the time and that little bit of splurge happiness will help you out in the long run. 

                                How are your goals going? Getting debts paid off? Building up your savings?


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