I’m supa excited!

Yup so excited that super is spelt: s-u-p-a!  I almost threw a “y’all” on there to top it off but I held myself back.  (Barely but I did succeed) Have you skipped down a paragraph or so to find out why I’m excited? No? You’re being good and reading the way you should? Well….okay, I’ll tell you.  Currently, my awesome boyfriend is calling up the company who we owe $174 and paying them off! YAY! It’s the first debt that is paid all the way! No more bimonthly saving to get it paid off!  (What’s more is that it was the old electric bill that we had previous so now we can get electric when we move out in his name!)  I’m doing my super happy booty dance! Which no one really wants to see as a) I have no rhythm and b) I really just make the dance up as I go.  He’s going to get a confirmation number and the person’s name so that it can be all official—not that we expect any problems but you never know.   I have been looking forward to this all week long—no kidding.   Just had to wait for him to get paid so that we could do it.    We had been making bi weekly payments on it due to the fact that it got really, really hot here this last summer and it got EXPENSIVE.    But it’s gone now!

                Please learn from our mistake: make sure your air conditioner is fully inspected before a heat wave.  Otherwise it runs allllll day and night pumping out luke-warm air.  Yes you read that “luke-WARM” bit correctly.  We ended up trying to turn it off—but it was actually “helping cool” the house down.  And then you get 2 bills of 400ish and go “um…okay ouch—well we can pay most of that…”Not good times at all.  (Granted, we were also keeping at attic cool for the 4th roommate) But we have it paid off.  Next on the agenda is my bank getting paid off so that I can go pick a new bank! (The plan is for mid-March getting that paid off!) 

                Oh and if you actually read this post from beginning to end without skipping to the end to find out the good news and then reverting back to the top—congratulations! I mean it.  I’m horrible at that.   I knew that Snape was a good guy well before I finished the first chapter of the 7th book.  It drives people bonkers when they see me skipping ahead.  

                How did you feel when you paid your first debt off? Or are you still working on that?  Do you skip ahead while reading? Or is that just me?


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