Saturday’s Fun

I went hiking on Saturday with a friend who I’d been trying to see for a while.  She works odd hours and doesn’t have guaranteed days off so it isn’t easy getting to see her.  Total spent on our grand day together:  roughly $10.  I made sandwiches at home, bought some chips and water at a grocery store, and later that day I bought us some really cheap drinks at a gas station (I love grand opening sales).    The trails we went to were free and we spent about 3 hours there.   We took a ton of pictures and just generally reverted to a child like state of mind.  We had stories behind the pictures and laughed a ton.  We even “decorated a Christmas tree in the woods” using berries and leaves.  It was a great day to hike—not too chilly, not too hot and no bugs.

What was really great was that this was a last second plan—originally she was going to come to my house and we were going to watch some movies.   Due to some personal goings on, we had to change that plan.  We wanted to get her away from her house and our friend in town was at work so we had to come up something fun that would last from 10-5 (or at least the majority of that time) and be cheap/free.  So hiking was in.  I live in a small town so it’s really hard to find something to do that doesn’t take you all over the place and is free.    If fit in my budget and it helped me in my weight loss category (update on that: I have only about 25 more pounds to go).  Granted it could have been free if I hadn’t forgotten the water I was going to bring at home but for $10 I can’t complain.

Why it was so fun: it was just us and we are both from the county so it was fun walking in the woods and spotting animal tracks.    Then we just started playing like when we were kids—no toys, just imagination.  We laughed our selves silly and were out of the house.  What more could we have asked for?  When we were done, we went to her house and watched some little kids play—we couldn’t help laughing as they were doing a lot of what we had just got done doing.   They weren’t playing with toys but were making up games with whatever was handy.  That’s what I know I did when I was younger—we didn’t have a lot of money for toys so we made do with what we could.

What can you do for fun that’s free (or just about free)?  Did you have a lot of toys when you were younger or did you use your imagination to create games/toys?


2 Comments on “Saturday’s Fun”

  1. amyleebell says:

    We play board games or hide ‘n’ seek in the dark. Pitch black, so you can hide in full sight, as long as all the curtains and doors are closed and it’s nighttime. But then you have to be very quiet and not giggle. And the house has to be absolutely clean so there’s no tripping and you can lay on the kitchen counter if you want.

    We had toys when I was young (thanks to yardsales), but I preferred using my imagination. I still love it today!

  2. bogofdebt says:

    I loved playing hide and seek in the dark! And blindman’s bluff. I always think of how little kids really make the best games out of nothing at all.

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