Reason to carry some cash on you

                I’m so glad that I normally carry some sort of cash on me—even if it’s not much.  I’ve needed it before in grocery stores (back when I used credit or debit cards) when their system went down.  Yesterday was a good reminder as well.

                We had decided to go on our date early as he’d gotten a gift card for winning a contest at his work.  It was for $25 so we decided to go do this yummy Chinese buffet that also does hibachi.  It normally runs us about $22 before tip.  So we thought we would be good to go.

                We go and pay for our meal and are told two times that the card has declined.  I don’t have enough money on the one reloadable card that I have—it’s to repay a student loan and they’d already taken my monthly payment.   So we are about panicking when I realize: hey, wait, I have the money that is for that bill.  We’ll just take it from that.  So we paid off our meal and I called the card.  Apparently, when the gift card is used at restaurants, only $20 of it is able to be spent.   I never knew that. 

                Now before you go thinking I was robbing Peter to pay Paul: we have the bill money in cash form and on Tuesday, are going to use his debit card to pay it.  So, it’s not like we weren’t going to use this cash for something else—it was just easier to save up for it a few paychecks ahead of time and keep it in cash.  So the new plan is: use the gift card as part of our gas budget so we aren’t “missing” any money.   I’m just glad that we had that money on us—our house is about 30 minutes away from the restaurant and it would have been a pain to go get it. 

                Do you make sure you carry cash on you? Have you ever been in a situation that you wished you had? (Let me tell you—it was so bad the one time that the grocery store system went down and I didn’t have cash. Such a hassle to walk from there to the ATM about 2 miles away back to the store and then back home)


One Comment on “Reason to carry some cash on you”

  1. Such a smart idea! Lots of times I have tried to use my debit card and been unable to bc the system was down or some other gliche. I always carry an spare check in my wallet for this purpose! 🙂

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