That’s what’s going on.  Mostly it’s me.  I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I hate making mistakes.   Well today I found out that I made one a few weeks ago. (Well made the same error three times)  Does it matter? Not really, it was easily fixed.  But I’m frustrated beyond belief—first, that I made the mistake and second, that it wasn’t brought to my attention until today.  I’ve been learning new things these past few weeks and I thought I had followed my instructions perfectly—indeed, I only made the error a small percentage of the time.   But it bothers me that I made the error at all.  My boss wasn’t upset and he just asked that I get it fixed and recommended the person to help me learn how to fix it.   I also know that mistakes happen all the time but I still am all mad at myself.

Then I find out that I am going to have to pay a lot of money to get my teeth fixed.  I haven’t had insurance in over 5 years and I’m paying for it.   I have cavities that need to be fixed.  Before this, I’d never had one.  So I’m really kicking myself for this one.  Please don’t make my mistake—get insurance if you can or find out about community health programs that offer services at cheap rates—if not free.


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