Alberit Einstein defined insanity as:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

How true this was for my life.   I kept doing everything the same way.  Couldn’t find a better paying job—but I went about looking the same way for about 3 years.  Had a lot of relationship problems—I kept doing the same thing.  Financially I was a wreck—I’d be making a lot less then what I was living on.  I could justify it out the wazoo though.  “I’ll pay it back”, “I just need it to tide me over”, “Budget? Why bother? I don’t make enough to save”—these were just some of the lines I used on myself.  

                To this day, I can pin point the exact moment when I decided to change in all three areas.    We’ll leave out the relationship drama except to say that I’m truly happy with the choice I made to change and the one I’m with now.  For the job hunt—I went in, I applied online, and I did everything I could do.  Or so I thought—I was working with a very…plain resume and didn’t have a huge network.  I made a deal with myself after moving from the East Coast to mid-Us—I would be ‘content’ to work a minimum wage job for a year—after that I wanted something better.  I applied to multiple locations; I had help with the resume and busted my butt at my then job to gain a supervisor position (with a $.50 raise) and about 10 months into it I was contacted by my current job.  I impressed at the interview by talking to the amazing lady who had helped me get my foot in the door and a few days later I gave my 2 weeks to the job I was in. 

                That helped me start the journey into my PLAN.  Sure I could have continued doing what I had been doing—but what was that going to do? I didn’t have a bank account, no phone, dodging calls/letters and was constantly trying to hide from the facts of my debt.  So I stopped beating my head against the wall and told myself: “Hey! Listen up! BUDGET! Get out of debt! You have a better paying job—save!!”   It still wasn’t easy and as I said—it took a few tries to get something that worked for us.   But I stopped feeling insane.  I started to feel like things I were doing was actually helping us get back on track.  No more robbing Peter to pay Paul.


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