Mired down

Every once in awhile I get really discouraged–I don’t think I can ever pay that huge amount of debt off anytime soon.  I have the PLAN but it still doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  I look at all the bills and statements and debts and just can’t see how anything will affect the massive number.  I noticed that on one of the student loans I defaulted on that of the “huge” chunk I pay every month, only a dollar or so counts.  (I’m currently in a program to get that loan back on track so that I can defer it or at least make the payments actually count)

Now before you think I’m going to whine through this entire post (I could but I don’t want to)—yesterday happened.  I know, I know.  “Yesterdays always happen, that’s how we get a today.”  But what I meant was that when I was doing the weekly splitting up of our paychecks into savings and debt savings, I noticed that for the bill that we are concentrating on paying, we only need one more paycheck to get it paid off.   Now I know it’s not much—it’s only a small bill but for us, it’s a big thing.  We are getting ourselves back on track.  The mire is slowly staying behind us. THE PLAN is working!

How did it feel when you paid off your first debt?  Or how does it feel knowing that your budget is working and you are getting back on track?


One Comment on “Mired down”

  1. amyleebell says:

    It feels so good to be on track! We sold a bunch of stuff to jumpstart our get-out-of-debt process, and being able to pay a big chunk up front really encouraged us. We sold almost everything that had any value, like my piano and some other furniture, tons of books and video games, basically anything that we felt was a good trade for reaching our goals faster. Now if we could only sell one or two of my hubby’s pet cars…

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