Balancing is important

             I find that if left to my own devices I am excessively too hard on myself.  I don’t allow for fun money or date money and will keep the budget for expenses to a bare minimum.   I will save and pay debt and just go on auto pilot.  Who needs new shoes when I can take that $20 and pay off a bit more debt? Never mind that my shoes are holey and falling apart.

I remember when I was attending my brother’s wedding–my nana told me that she was going to dance at mine.  I was a sophomore in college and I shrugged it off.   Recently the subject of marriage came up again and I was asked what I would like.  I have honestly never thought of a wedding—I know a lot of girls who have dreamed about theirs from when they were younger but I never did.  Too much of a tomboy, I guess.

Then last night at dinner time we were watching Wheel of Fortune, and one of the contestants won a $7000 vacation.   So of course, vacations came up—specifically dream vacations.  I was quiet through the whole thing concentrating on my dinner instead and then came the question:  “Well how about you honey? What’s your dream vacation?” I don’t have one—never really dreamed of one.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? Not exactly but it could be.   Thankfully I have someone who balances me out and vice versa. He badgers me into new shoes when I need them  and now he’s asked me to think of a dream vacation that we could go on—he knows we have debt and he knows that my priority is getting that debt paid down but he also reminded me that dreams help motivate you .  You need to stop and enjoy life once in awhile.

Do you have a dream vacation? Are you balanced—either by yourself or by someone else?



One Comment on “Balancing is important”

  1. amyleebell says:

    I would like to go to Europe and live for a year or two. I’d like to work while I was there, so it wouldn’t strictly be a vacation, but I think I would enjoy it. As far as balance, I give myself $100/month to spend on anything I want. Works out pretty well, most times!

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