Grocery Store Woes

In my relationship, it is acknowledged that I am the “cheap” side of the equation and he is the one who likes to spend. One place this is really apparent is our grocery bills. Back when it was he and I who did our grocery shopping, we’d make a list and go. Granted there were a few times when I forgot the grocery list or we forgot to add things to the list that we actually really needed (toilet paper was one of those key things). It got so I was doing the list a few times during that 2 week period—constantly going over our meal plans and what was needed. (I’ve been told I enjoy lists way too much)

This is where the trouble started. He and I both agree that when one of us shops alone, it is so much quicker. I’m usually the best one suited to go shopping as he really dislikes it and I’ve learned that it is a necessary evil—I might not like it but I like it better than spending the money on restaurants and deliveries. But we’ve also learned its better for both of us to go. Why you ask? If something is not on the list and I don’t think about it (it’s not on the menu plan for instance) I won’t buy it. This doesn’t work out the best when he is hungry and looking for a snack and all there is to snack on is fruit. Something I really enjoy and he doesn’t. I’m on a healthy kick so I try not to buy too much temptation. He however is not and really enjoys Twinkies. It’s not that I’m deliberately trying to not buy him snacks—it’s just that they are not on my mind. Now if he goes alone, he’ll buy some snacks for both of us—but he might not pay the strictest mind to the list. He goes a little bit overboard. I go a little “underboard” (I may have made that up, not gonna lie).

Together, well we aren’t perfect but it is better. We normally stay on task (not only do I make up the grocery list, I price items out from the last time we went and then set a budget based on that) and don’t wind up with too many goodies and over our budget.

If you are in a relationship: are you the same when it comes to money/budgets and is it better for one person to shop or both? Do you stay true to your list when you go to a grocery store?


3 Comments on “Grocery Store Woes”

  1. amyleebell says:

    I tend to spend less, and I shop by myself. If one of us wants junk food, we make a special trip and buy it with our own spending cash (we each get a little every month). To keep from forgetting to buy things that aren’t on THE LIST, I’ve made myself a grocery-double-check list. On it, I have everything that we have bought in the last year or so, along with prices. I’ve put the things that we should always have on-hand in bold print, and I check through those before going to the store. That way, I can’t forget shampoo or laundry detergent or toilet paper. If you want to see what my list looks like, you can go to my blog and click on my “budget” category. It’s under my post titled “Budget Planning.” I’ve got a Word version that you can even download and customize for yourself! Happy shopping and happy saving!

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