THE PLAN continued

                       Did you ever pull the covers over your head when you were younger and afraid of the dark?  If there were monsters in my dark room, they couldn’t “see” me if those covers were over my head.  Of course this isn’t true—but I faithfully did it night after night.   Well, I’m telling myself now that it doesn’t matter if I pull the covers over my head.   The debt monster knows I’m there and is going to get me unless I confront it first. 

                   There was a time when I would take any bills and just toss them—in the garbage, under the rug, in a drawer or wherever else I wouldn’t have to look at them.  It wasn’t the best method I had for ‘dealing’ with them and really made my situation worse.  I was dumb.  I didn’t want to look at them because then I wouldn’t need to know how bad it was.  I have since learned from my mistake.  If I’d have opened them and contacted who ever held the bills, I could have tried to work out a deal.  Instead I ignored them. 

                I now look at every bill that comes my way.  I might not be able to pay it all—but I need to plan.  Can’t plan if you don’t know what’s going on.  Think about that kid in the dark—I know I knew exactly what side of the bed I was going off, how far my light switch was away from my bed and how far I needed to jump so that the monster under the bed couldn’t get my feet. Planning was key. 

                Like I said in an earlier post, I’ve made a list from top priority to lowest.  I try to save a little bit from our paychecks to pay them off.  When I can afford to pay more, I do.  (By the way, my “I” is really a “we”.  He is a great help and I want to make that clear)  Anything extra I get, any overtime, any bonuses I will get—that get’s split between debt and savings. 

                Speaking of priorities…I had to make decisions that were tough.  As I said, we only have the one phone.  Do I want one for my own self? Um yes please.  Is it necessary? Not at the moment.   We used to play an online game that cost us each $15 a month—did we like it? Yes but we didn’t need it.  We kept Netflix and compromised by not going to the movies unless it’s our date.  Make sure your “need” is a need and not a want.  We know that Netflix is a want but it’s one we both appreciate and have talked about not getting cable when we move and sticking with our package now.

           How are your plans going? Are you hiding under those covers? Or are you sitting down with the debt monster and getting out of the mire?


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