I have goals! Hear me roar!

Ok, that’s not how it goes but I do have goals. That’s what part of my PLAN was about—defining my goals. Now I tried the whole “to get out of debt” but that didn’t motivate me enough. I was still looking at a glaring number and wondering what is the use, why should I even try? So I sat down and thought of several reasons why.

                     1) I want to get married eventually

    2) I want to have a baby or two

    3) I want a dog (I love my cat but still want a dog as well)

    4) I want a house someday

    5) Need a car—new to us soonish.

     6) Pride—I took them out, charged them or otherwise incurred those debts, didn’t I?

Well there I have it–several reasons to get out of the mire. Now, I know a few of those (um mostly all but one) will either put me more in debt or if I play my cards right, I’ll have saved and be able to afford them. (I know the house plan will have a mortgage but if I’m out of debt when I get one and if I have a financial plan it won’t be as hard) Now are those in any order? Nope, just the order my head thought them up in. After thinking them I had to check to make sure they were realistic. I took off the one where I wanted to buy a tiger. I wouldn’t be able to convince anyone that I should rightfully own a tiger (probably for the best anyways—he’d probably eat my cat. Granted my cat would start the fight—he hates other cats for some reason).

And then I tried to put a time frame on them. That was harder. How will I know when I want a baby? When do I want to buy the house? I still haven’t come up with a time frame—but I know that for some of them, I wouldn’t mind completing them before I turn 30. That gives me three years to knock down my debt and start saving. And hey…you never know. I might get that tiger some day! I’ve tried convincing people that I could ride the tiger to work and not need a car….Still got a bunch of no’s—but my friend did get me a awesome picture of some white tigers as a compromise.

What are your goals? Do you have time frames?


3 Comments on “I have goals! Hear me roar!”

  1. amyleebell says:

    Here are my goals for the next couple of years:
    Sell the extra car. Use that to pay off the remainder of my student loans.
    After that debt is paid, we want to put a little money each month towards fixing the house up to sell.
    Sell the house, and use the equity to buy a really cheap, really small home somewhere.
    After paying of that house, we hope to build an efficient inground house so that when we are older, we won’t have to spend as much money on energy bills. We also hope to get enough land to have a garden, some chickens and a goat, so we can make our own cheese and live off of vegetables and eggs! A lot of that last bit is wishful thinking (I’m sure I have no farming skills whatsoever), but it’s what I want.

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