Between a rock and a hard place…

Remember the car issue on Saturday? Well it’s even better than we thought. (Please say you can hear the sarcasm) We can either pay double what we paid for our car to get if fixed or we can start looking around for a new car. And when I say new, I of course mean new for us. What’s even better: we’d just got done recently putting 4 new tires on the car—and those cost us a pretty penny.

I’m a little bummed to say the least. We liked out right owning our car and not having to set aside money to pay for it. It’s fast looking like we are going to have to pay something. Our thoughts so far are: trade in car, and hopefully get a cheaper used car that we can pay biweekly (or weekly or monthly) but get to use the trade in money as a good sized down payment. We have a little extra cash that we’ve been saving up for the apartment we want to eventually get and this can be used. It might mean tightening our belts for a while but we have to do what we can. It also might mean no Christmas gifts for us—and honestly, if that is what it takes I’m okay with it. We can buy or make some cards, bake some cookies or homemade cheesecake and that’s fine with me.

I think right now I’m just overly stressed with the situation and I really want to crawl under my desk and cry. I can’t but I want to. I’m also trying to not reach for the snacks—I tend to eat when I’m stressed. I’m still trying to lose the excess weight and this is not helping me.

Sorry it’s a short one today.


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