Every little bit helps

          Before my whole taking charge off my life, I used to save all the coins we got in a two week period—and as I only spend cash, it all adds up.  Normally this change used to save us right at the end of our pay period and we’d buy milk, bread, hotdogs or gas.   We would usually be able to do one or two of those (unless it was gas, then it all went to that purchase).   I would normally be the one to go in and pay in those situations as he has never liked paying all in change.   I didn’t care—money was money whether it was paid in nickels or the green stuff.  Did I like the green stuff better? Of course but I couldn’t afford to be picky.  

                Then came the time that we were sticking to a budget like item—not exactly and we were still broke before the next payday but we always made sure we had enough money set aside (and by enough, I mean $10) and just watched our situations.    What did we do with all the change? Spent it of course.   We would take our lunches and then grab a dollar or two in the silver change and supplement it—want a second soda? You can get one from the vending machine and you can also grab a snack as well.   My waist line grew because I sometimes wouldn’t eat my lunch—I’d just eat all that sugary goodness.    I was buying snacks and soda for our lunches in our grocery money and then we’d spend another $6 or so getting more.  Did we need them? No but it was easy and convenient.

          I dumped out the jar of pennies one day and noticed we had a few dollars in there.  I started to think that maybe there was a better way of doing it.  So we made it a rule to not spend any of the silver stuff that was less than a quarter.    After a few weeks, I counted it—we’re up to about $15 in that change.  And what’s more?  We’ll both throw a dollar or two in quarters in the jar.   (Oh! And our quarter jar barely get’s touched.  Which my waist line is liking)  Eventually our jar will get full and we’ll take it to a coin star and get it in cash—which will get added to our savings accounts.


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