Our Car

      Well today has officially turned into horrible.  My guy was on his way into work and came back a few minutes later.  Our car is now making a high-pitched whine and doesn’t want to stay running.  He checked all the fluids to make sure everything is good there.  I go outside to “help”–I’m the opposite of mechanically inclined.  I try to start the car and it will not start–it turns over, engine goes, I take my foot off the gas and it stops.

     Great.  Awesome.  He calls into work and we start looking for mechanics.  Apparently, no one is open on a Saturday unless they are 40 miles away.  Which might as well be a billion.  So we’re officially out of help there.  We know one person who is a minor car god but he’s a state away and not answering his phone.  I call up my dad and ask him to walk me through the car’s issues.  He gives me the great news of it sounds like there are multiple problems.    The most amazing  (please read horrible) news is that the main thing is most likely our fuel pump–as best as he can tell over the phone of course.  And will most likely cost us about $250 for the fuel pump alone. 

   One good thing: we’ve got our ‘house’ fund.   We will probably opt out of Christmas gifts and concentrate on rebuilding our house fund.  But at least it’s there and we are going to be able to handle this.


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