My family and my finances

                Don’t get me wrong, I love my family.   However, a real issue right now is the small fact that I do not make a ton of money and every pay check is budgeted for.  How is this an issue you ask?  Wouldn’t this count as a way to (eventually) bring myself out of debt?  It will but my brother apparently doesn’t see this in the same light I do. 
                I get a message from him the other day asking for me to call him; it’s an emergency and all that goodness.  I get the phone (as of right now, there is only 1 phone for the 2 of us and I don’t always have it) and call him.  It turns out the “emergency” was him trying to get me to call him and—never mind, that is a different story and one that doesn’t really need to get shared.  One point I did make to him was that a phone works two ways—he can call as well.  
              Moving on.  He asks  tells me near the end of the call that he has an idea—having all the family get together on or near Christmas.  After all, we haven’t seen each other in a few years (which that I am sad about but I do live in the middle of the US and they live on the east coast) and I would have a few months to save up, right? Oh, and plane tickets aren’t that expensive anymore so it should be “easy” for me to do.
                I explain to my brother that as much as I love and miss everyone this just isn’t in the budget for us as our living situation is only temporary.  (We recently moved in with my guy’s parent’s and are renting a room in order to save some money for our own place—more on this later!)  He makes me feel guilty so I do a little research—2 round trip plane tickets (plus a hotel as my dad’s home is small and I know in the long run it will be better for everyone if we book a nice but cheap room) will cost us about 1200-1500.  Um, ouch—cheap, really? Maybe if we weren’t saving up for an apartment…or trying to get out of debt.  That amount of money is not “cheap” for me at this point in time—eventually yes but not right now.
                I feel guilty but cannot really see myself spending that much money on a trip (even if it is to see family).   Do I want to? Yes but not even I can make money appear out of thin air.  Not to mention–my job is only a few months old and I haven’t earned any vacation days.  So those days off that I would be visiting my family would also be costing me valuable money.
                My thought though—if it is so easy to save up for these tickets (at least according to him), why don’t they come visit me?  So I will be posing this question to him—and will also let him know, that it doesn’t have to be for Christmas as I know that he has two beautiful kids who need to see their dad for the holidays.   I’ll let everyone know the answer I receive (it may have to be edited…).


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