Getting to know me

Let’s get to know me—ok, ok…kind of clichéd but I feel almost as if it’s mandatory. 

                I’m 27(I feel ancient though) and have been slowly getting my life back on track.  I’m too much into debt and also about 30 pounds over my “doctor recommended weight”.  


Ugh.  Oh, and being short means that the 30 pounds looks like a billion pounds on me.  (Okay this might also be a *slight* exaggeration and my ever loving guy has told me that I see too much into this number-but he loves me so I think there might besome bias there 😉 Besides, it’s really got to do with how I see myself and how well I’m fitting into my clothes, right?)

Plan: I’ve been using’s amazing site.  I love it!  I put in what I weigh, how much I want to weigh, how many pounds a week I would like to lose, and what I am willing to do to get to my goal.   For this last choice it gives you these options: “eat same, exercise more; eat less, exercise same; and (this last is my choice) eat less, exercise more (50-50)”.  Then you just remember to add to your information daily: put in what you have eaten and exercising (they have most already calculated so you just hit “search, enter ___ and then choose”).  It tracks it for you and once a week you put  in your weight.   (more on this later)

Debt over my head

                Now asI mentioned—I’m majorly in debt.  Through some very poor choices, I have made myself fall very immensely into a big hole.  I’m currently workingon getting myself out of this hole.  This is a loooong way from coming (or so it seems).  But I have a plan! Budgets, more budgets, some spreadsheets that look amazingly like a budget, and more budgets are the primary plan.  So far I haven’t paid off anything, but I’m hoping to do that soon.  Did I mention that I simply adore budgets? I can look at one and spend hours trying to get it exactly where I want it.  (This drives that swell guy I mentioned earlier bunkers as I will also budget months ahead of time—knowing that as that pay period gets closer that I will simply play with the numbers some more).    Come to think of it, in the middle of this post I just went to "sneak a peak" and then I realized I hadn't finished this–after about a half hour.

Okay so that’s maybe not so much “about me” as much as “about what I want to do to get a better life”. But hey, that’s an important part of me!

 More details later, promise!


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