Blogging schedule?

Remember that blogging schedule I wanted to create? Well I semi created one and then promptly forgot about it. Or maybe forgot is too hard of a word and should use the phrase “wasn’t able to stick to it”.   So I need to refine it.  Part of the problem is the end of the year projects that are piling up at work-no way to avoid this as they are last minute issues and not caused by delays or other such things.  So while I thought I had a great blogging schedule worked out, it might be a little hard to stick to it for a few weeks.  But even if I’m not commenting, please realize, I’m reading your articles and have thoughts to comment but…I just never get around to that actual writing out my comment.

I’ve got some thoughts though and hopefully things will be back to normal! I’ve even got one or two posts in the works—which is a big improvement for me as I was normally typing up something a few hours before I went to sleep.  So a nice little step forward there right?

Weekend reading because I haven’t done one of these in a LONG time:

Average Joe writes about what keeps him inspired.

Over at Enemy of Debt, Travis is interviewed about getting out of debt marathon style.  I loved this post and I wanted to say congrats again to Travis for running a marathon!

Over at Debts and Taxes, a camper loan was paid off! Congrats again-another step to being debt free!

T at Budget and the Beach wants to know what your success looks like.  Go share with her!

Daisy gives some advice on how to save some money when shopping for Christmas.

Jana wants people to write what you know.  I agree-most of the blogs I read are filled with stories of personal instances.  (And as she says, some people who either research extremely well or are trained for it have that exception clause!)

Have a great weekend!

October’s Goals

Medical-going to try a different tactic here.  Instead of a dental appointment, I told him we’re going to get his eye doctor appointment done.  He is to think and research which dentist he does want to go to.

Car-after buying the stuff to get our oil changed, we need to put money in here again.  I’d like to get this up to $90. (Darn you oil change and antifreeze!)

Efund-I’d like to get this to $375.

Personal-lose 3 pounds and finish Insanity strong. I also have another 5k to run in November so I’m looking forward to that.

Blogging-set up a blogging schedule so that I when I get busy at work, I still have posts done.

After how little I got done in September, I’m looking forward to rocking out October’s goals.   You can see that I don’t have a house fund anymore.  I’m putting aside a little each pay check but it’s no longer as high of a priority as it was.  Mainly due to the fact that we are staying here for another week.

How are  your goals going? I’m only a week late in posting mine ;)

Insanity Update

Week 2 of month 2 is down. I missed 2 workouts near the end because I was feeling run down-but that’s better than getting sick.  I feel much better after some sleep and a stern talking to myself to not let work get to me so much.  Looking forward to these last few weeks and will be starting the week strong.


I decided this weekend that posting 5 times a week when I’m experiencing blogger burnout or writers block (take your pick really) is getting too hard. I really don’t want to be posting something I’m trying to pass off as good writing when really it’s just me posting to post. Complete waste of my and your time. So I’m moving to an M, W, F schedule for the mean time. Hopefully this will leave me more time to comment on other people’s blogs too-I haven’t been doing the greatest at this so I’m hoping to fix that now. Just so you know though, I’m at least reading what other people are writing and enjoying the posts!
I’ll be taking out the spending recap as that really isn’t quality writing either. Don’t get me wrong-it was extremely helpful in helping me see where my money went so instead, once a month, I’ll be doing the same thing but on a larger scale. I’m hoping with that, and my going grocery shopping every week, extra money spending will be cut down. I’ll try it out for two months or three months. That should really show me how my changes are working and if I need to go back to the old way or if I can stay doing that.
I will still be doing my goals posts as that is also a once a month type thing and has been helping me out a lot. You know, provided that my situation doesn’t change in the middle of the month (more on that Wednesday) and I pay attention to them.
Link love? I might change this to a once a month thing or stick with what I’ve been doing but limit it down to 5-10. And for my Insanity updates? You’ll be getting those on Monday’s same as usual.
Speaking of…Insanity Update
Finally officially completed week 1 of month 2. It’s been a different pace entirely or so I feel. I know that, logically speaking, the workouts only increased by 10-15 minutes but try telling that to my body! I still love it though. And really 10-15 minutes as an increase in working out at max interval training? Feels like a life time 
How was your weekend?


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